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Drive off into the sunset with one of our Get-Away vehicles! We have so many to choose from that you will be lost for words. All of our vehicles also are very fancy and come with lots of accessories so you will always be treated with luxury. 

New York Wedding Get Away Limo Rentals

Our first lineup of vehicles we offer for our Get Away vehicles is our limos! New York Wedding Get Away Limo Rentals is a great choice for those who want to leave in style! Our limos are very stylish and full of goodies for the road trip! We offer drinks, heated seats (some of them), leather interior, tinted windows for privacy, and much much more. Give us a call today or book now to get your getaway limo today. 

New York Wedding Get Away Limo Rentals

New York Wedding Get Away Sedan Rentals

We also have some sedans to choose form as well. Alongside our sedans are our classic cars! We have a lot of classic cars to choose from for photos, nostalgia, and for just a good ride. Each and every one of our classic vehicles and sedans is perfect for getaways because they are common and don't take up as much room as say a limo or a bus would. 

New York Wedding Get Away Sedan Rentals

New York Wedding Get Away Bus Rentals

Some couples even drive off on a bus sometimes! Newley weds usually purchase our New York Wedding Get Away Bus Rentals for more of a party type getaway rather than a romantic one, which is just as fine! We are happy to do whatever you like for your wedding and make it as special as it can be!

New York Wedding Get Away Bus Rentals
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New York Get Away Car Rates

New York Get Away Car rates and pricing can be easily determined use our simple software that generates a instant price for multiple companies that you can choose from. Some companies do one ways also know as point to points. Other do round trips or 2 way transfers, multiple stops are typically covered under hourly but sometime can be hybrid. Hybrid pricing is when you use a limo for a transfer and then hourly. This happens sometimes when at weddings when the client needs a limousine for 3 hours and then only need a one way transfer 5 hours later for example. So companies have minimum hours and some do not. Some charge fuel, tip and tax included some do not and some do not require it. Airport transfers can be different due to licensing through the airport and varies per company.

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New York Wedding Get Away Car | Top New York Limousines

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